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Fund Raising

I have set myself some challenges to help raise money for some really valuable charities, all of which desperately need funds to help people with cancer


I’ve tried to pick things that also give me a sense of purpose, and help me to live with this terribly disease.


Please do what you can to help


BowelBloke's Cycling Challenge

I need to exercise and the only way I know how is to get on my bike. I’m going to try and cycle 1500 miles by the end of 2019. That’s a lot when you’re on fortnightly chemo!


All proceeds of the BowelBloke's Cycling Challenge will go to Mulberry Centre


BowelBloke's Golf Challenge

I’m challenging myself to improve my golf. By quite a bit, since I’m not very good. My target is to get to a handicap of 12 by the end of 2019


All proceeds of the BowelBloke's Golf Challenge will go to BowelCancer UK


CANCERactive Fundraising

Losing weight. I need to get rid of a stone and a half and MAINTAIN it. Goal is to have this done by summer of 2019, and be the same weight at the end of 2019


All proceeds of the BowelBloke's Weight Challenge will go to CANCERactive


Big thank you to Ian stone @Sand Dog Design for dedicating his time in designing the BowelBloke website