Chemo 11 administered according to plan; side effects moderate but manageable. I also discover Nicola has prescribed the dose at 80% to give my body more of a chance.

Chemo 12 goes ahead without delay, again at 80% – as I sit here typing, I’m in the usual steroid zone – wired but tired. I didn’t get a wink of sleep last night. I’m just hoping the diarrhoea is not so brutal.

Scan and results are booked for next week, 17th March and I am more scared than I have ever been. Growth in December, Covid, delay, more covid, delay, infection, delay. I’ve also stopped many of my supplements as some were having adverse effects. I’ve been quite miserable so have probably let the diet go a bit too much, and I have definitely increased the alcohol – no doubt partly to do with the indomitable pandemic and resulting bloody lock down.

So who knows – not feeling confident but got to hope that I continue to respond to the drugs.