As is normal, I make the most of the time off – I have to – chemo is f***ing hideous;

A Christmas present from our boys sent Sophie and I to Liverpool and a stay in The Beatles Hotel, preceded by a great night out in The Cavern. Is it me or are Liverpudlians the funniest and friendly bunch of people?

Cheeky weekend in Marrakech with our close friends David and Mel. Stayed in the Medina, its pretty crazy and I was a little “souked” out by the third day!

Birthday celebration at The Ivy – the usual drunken affair. I made it to 52. Four years after my first cancer diagnosis, 2 years since it travelled to my lungs, 1 year since being given the “incurable” prognosis. Still here, no intention of croaking yet. Too much life to live.

And then back to FOLFOX + Avastin. Nice concoction. This contains (amongst other nasties) a drug called Oxaliplatin. It was discovered in 1976. 1976. And it’s still front-line treatment for Bowel Cancer. Its almost unbelievable given the amount of money spent on finding cures. I will spare you my views on this rather controversial topic, but it makes you wonder…