One thing that has kept me sane during these difficult times is the charity I created in March 2020. I have always struggled to find other men in my position to talk to and share experiences with. On the few occasions I have met those people it was extremely liberating and provided a great source of comfort. When I started to do the research, the stats backed up the hypothesis that men suffer disproportionally worse to women in the cancer stakes – both physically and mentally. So, before all this talk of Corona I decided to build a charity to help men with advanced cancer. My idea was to use sport as the catalyst, taking men to live sporting events, supported by an online forum with online counselling, financial advice, and a resource library to cut out the time-consuming research that we all have to do.

Guess I picked the wrong year to take vulnerable people to sporting events ☺

As a result, the charity; The Cancer Club, has been a slow burner. However, I’m pleased to say that we have just “soft” launched – so please follow us on social media for more news – Instagram is the_cancer_club and twitter on @thecancerclub2. The website is at

As with all charities, we are looking for as much support as possible, and for any men with advanced cancer who feel they could benefit from our help.