Sadly, the time has come to leave this amazing country which has afforded me such kindness and compassion, in such a short time. The people I have met have all moved me emotionally in ways I could have never imagined, and I will be forever grateful for the time I have spent with them.

My desire to feel some real heat has not abated, and my last leg of the journey is taking me to Goa, 30 degrees, and somewhat hypocritically, a luxury resort in which to relax and reflect.

A simple flight to Mumbai, and a second flight to Goa should be easy. Plenty of time to connect, I’m told I don’t even need to leave the terminal. Famous last words.

Admittedly it probably didn’t help that I had purchased two Gurkha knives (Khurkuri). So, when security refused to give me entry to the domestic terminal, I probably should have known this part of the journey may be a bit more challenging. Although to be fair, I’ve never been to an airport that screens your bags before letting you in the building. To add to the problems my paper ticket for some reason didn’t have my name on it. Another reason for refusing entry. I had to pay to get my ticket printed at the outside airline booth, while six surly security guards stared at me while pointing to a screen with an image of my bag revealing two very large knives.

You see the knives were important to me. I bought them for my two boys. One each. Firstly, as a symbol of courage, in line with the Gurkha motto, to take forward into their lives, which might be without their father there to help them. And secondly to recognise the importance of brotherhood. The Gurkha insignia is two crossed Khurkuri, and so together they form an unbreakable bond that needs to ensure my boys will always look out for each other – no matter what.

Luckily, Head of Security understood they were souvenirs, rather than weapons of mass destruction, and finally let me in to the airport!

And I’m glad he did. I arrived at The Taj Exotica Resort sometime after midnight, weary from the journey, and could not have been happier to receive a welcome drink, a hot towel, a very quick check in, and a large cosy bed.