Long story short – I tell Nicola I want a second opinion on this – it feels so difficult – I have a great relationship with her, and our “British” ways often mean we are too embarrassed or shy to ask. Anyway, she says she’ll refer me to an interventional radiologist called Paras Dalal. I make the appointment for a couple of weeks’ time.

OMG. Life changing. Lifeline. WTF.

Dr Dalal has been performing Radio Frequency Ablation successfully for 12 years. He has had zero tumour recurrence. AND HE CAN DO AS MANY AS WE NEED !!!! Last week he zapped 27 in one procedure.

I’m over the moon – I don’t really know what it could mean but it gives me another line of attack that could possibly get rid of all the lung nodules. That’s a pretty good place to be. The logic simply says that if it’s the same nodules and we blast them; the pelvic sites remain as fibrotic tissue and nothing new grows – I could be cancer free. Wow.