It turns out this is not a bad thing since I recover and get a “feel good” weekend. This gives me the chance to enjoy my latest hobby – electric mountain biking. This is a revelation and has opened up a whole new world of fun. I never knew the surrey hills a full of amazing bike trails built for this sport. It’s more like skiing than cycling – such an adrenaline rush. The reason for the electric component is to allow middle aged unfit people to get up the very steep hills using a little less energy. It also helps us stay out for 4 hours at a time. 

However, this particular Sunday revealed the slightly dangerous side of the sport. That is people with limited ability, too much weight, slowing eye to brain to reaction times, and too much competitiveness. I basically followed my more experienced mate down a technical trail that he later revealed was a black run. I crashed. I smashed my head on a tree. I now have whiplash!