That ended just before Christmas 2016 and as we headed into 2017 the scan showed positive results and it was looking like surgery. Great. How exciting! This isn’t just ordinary surgery mind you. This was going to remove everything in my pelvis; bladder, prostrate, rectum. The lot. I would also need part of my sacrum removed too, just for good measure. I might not walk again. I would be weeing and pooing in bags for the rest of my life and would never again experience an orgasm!

At this point, with such a wonderful array of options ahead I thought I would take a look around for the best surgeon I could find. It turns out a boy I went to primary school with ended up in the world of oncology and my sister and his had kept in touch. After a few phone calls I had my recommendation for a renowned surgeon based out of Harley Street. Without delay we were in his office as he laid out the difficult times ahead. He spent a lot of time explaining how dire my situation was and how life changing the surgery was going to be. But first he needed to re scan me. You see, his machines are a bit more advanced than the ones id been scanned with before!