It’s amazing news and I’m sure the surgery will hurt – there is always risk and I’m fully aware of what that looks like, particularly the fact that when the body undergoes trauma, cancer can attack unabated. But what the hell – what have I got to lose? We plan to look at doing something in September, and in the meantime, Dr Dalal tells me to “go and enjoy yourself”

As I reflect on this new turn of events and the potentially life changing outcome, I am also harbouring feelings of anger. Why didn’t Nicola refer me two years ago? Why didn’t she and the team, prior to telling me to “go home and get your affairs in order”, speak to an expert in lung ablations? Their training tells them a maximum of 10; but surely the majority of intelligent and diligent people could appreciate that technology moves on, advancements in all areas of medicine are happening at lightening speed. Why on earth did no one think to make a simple phone call? “Ask a friend” Maybe arrogance? Too busy? I don’t know. I just hope at least someone in my position can now be given the option of ablation and therefore may not have to have the 30 cycles of debilitating chemo that I did. I’ll wait until a little further down the line until I mention this – with cancer nothing is certain and maybe the ablations won’t work – or make it worse? Who knows?