The scans in July 2017 showed that I was responding to the chemo, so good news. I’d been on a lad’s golf trip in the May and we had a family holiday in Spain in August after which I got back on the drip. We were gearing up for the next six cycles still with the objective of ridding my lungs of cancer and then possibly back to surgery. Still hoping for a cure. November scan.


Had everything disappeared?

It was good – virtually everything had disappeared. Wow. How good is that. Still lots of caveats about the likely-hood of the cancer being there, but hey, happy to take this result. However, no surgery as the experts wanted to wait. To be sure.

The only thing that came out of the blue was that I had a pulmonary embolism. Can you believe it! So, I was straight into hospital where I was given a bunch of injections and handed a box full of syringes, so I could self-inject a blood thinner every day. It also meant I couldn’t fly. Great. I’d had a ski trip planned with my boys– it’s all I wanted to do. I’d planned to go since i figured I’d be having surgery and therefore would be unlikely to be able to ski again. Ever….

So, we carried on trying to live a “normal” life, waiting for the next scan to see if the cancer had really gone.