The monastery has a “gompa”; a place in which Buddhists carry out their worship, prayer, and meditation. The Guru teaches here every Saturday, supported by the two resident Monks. It’s a humbling place, peaceful, yet powerful on a spiritual level.

I am taught to meditate the “Tibetan” way and discuss my illness and the meaning of life. We explore the beautiful Buddhist landmarks, and I am invited to witness a ceremony to anoint a senior Lama at the incredible Stupa in Boudhanath. One of my favourite memories is of myself and three monks squashed into a Fiat Panda battling through the dawn traffic to get to this ceremony. Surreal.

Everywhere we go The Guru is approached by so many people. He is so well liked, so revered, so respected. It’s like accompanying a major celebrity around London, but this celebrity has some real meaning and value to bring to people and their lives

My entire time with The Guru brings a spiritual presence that I’ve never experienced in being with another person before. Only with hindsight do I realise how special and privileged I’ve been to share these moments with him.