Create memories? – we took a family holiday to Thailand, a trip my wife has dreamed of doing for years. How hard was that – while the surroundings are pleasant, you cannot escape the pain. Every special moment you spend; swimming with my boys, dinner on the beach with friends and family, visiting a monk, learning to cook Thai food – all feels like it might be the last time you’re doing it.

Work or not to work, that is the question. I’ve made the decision to spend my energy in trying to heal and spending as much time as I can with my family and friends, avoiding stress wherever possible.

I have to say, my employer, Capgemini, has been amazing. The most caring and ethical company I could have hoped for. Since I was first diagnosed, they have been incredibly supportive throughout the entire journey, helping me not only manage my time to suit my challenging needs, but also providing real personal support whenever I have needed it.

Chemo started again in April 2018, another six cycles, same drugs. This time I was on an anticancer diet and taking multiple supplements courtesy of the fantastic Chris Woollams at CANCERactive.  They are my bible for an integrative approach to healing.

An anti-cancer diet sounds easy. Not for me, not for most people I’m sure. No sugar, no red meat, no wheat, no dairy, no alcohol. My entire social life is based upon eating and drinking. It’s my favourite thing to do! Worst of all, no “evidence” that this incredible hardship will have any effect whatsoever. Oncologist’s don’t train in nutrition.