I’m not sure how long it took before I succumbed to my “western ways” and left my eastern experience behind. I think the morning meditations lasted a little longer than my sense of calm as I quickly get back to the reality of living in a busy, chaotic, lively home, filled with different opinions, family responsibilities and a great deal of testosterone. Maybe I’m not destined to be a Buddhist after all.

But the wonderful memories will remain, and I know I’ve grown as a person through the experience. And who am I to say this calmness has not had a positive effect on my body?

Scan is on the horizon, and you hope that these times would get easier. They don’t. Another trip to Harley Street, another excruciating wait to visit Nicola the Oncologist who will play God once again. This time she’s smiling on me – the lung nodules have grown a little, but she is remarkably calm and offers me a little more time off chemo if I want it! It’s my birthday at the end of March, and my annual boys golf trip is in June – I go for an April start on the chemo so as long as all goes to plan, I’ll have finished in time for Spain.