Plans are starting to form in my head. I came to find a little Eastern promise and I’m keen to immerse myself as much as possible. So, I’m going to go a step further, and decide to book myself on a six-day meditation course at The Kopan Monastery.

But first I need some heat. I’ve been going to bed at 7pm so I can clamber under two duvets in order to create some warmth. I want to get closer to the mountains too, and to feel the sun on my face. While in Kathmandu I am helped by a friend of the Guru, Arun, also related to the owner of my local Nepalese restaurant; the place where we made our original plans for this trip. He happens to own a company specialising in trekking tours and is kind enough to help me with my travel plans. His advice is to visit Pokhara, so off I go, into the unknown, courtesy of a very small propeller plane operated by Buddha Air. That’s the same Buddha Air that crashed a plane on a similar route a few years earlier. According to my Lonely Planet guidebook; “air disasters are not uncommon in Nepal”. Terrific.