Living with Cancer

Everyone I've met deals with this disease in their own way, many very differently to me. These are some of the things ...
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Good Food

Marginal Gains

Physical Healing - Diet “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” Hippocrates There is no doubt that what we eat has a ...
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Physical Healing - Exercise Tough one this, I do prefer to sit on my arse rather than do anything resembling exercise. I’d ...
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Fed Up

A Short Letter to my Loved Ones

I often look back over the past few years while I’ve been dealing with this disease, and I come across thoughts I’ve ...
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Get Your Affairs In Order

Two years ago I was given the incurable prognosis. This is the extract from My Story on my website I will never ...
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Emotional Healing

Can your mood or state of mind really make a difference to your physical well-being? I’ve never really considered it until I ...
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